acquired a minority stake in

alongside the management
and the Chinese group Furui

March 16th, 2018

Acquisition by Astorg of a stake of Echosens

The world leader in non-invasive liver diagnostics, Echosens, Asociate to Astrog Partners for its new Chinese developmental stage, Inner Mongolia Furui, and the team management. Astorg Partners will bring all its experience in the structuring of companies in strong development, as well as its network of quality in the sector of the health. This transaction was signed by the capital of Cathay Capital and Orbimed who entered the capital in 2015 in Inner Mongolia. Since 2015, Echosens has enhanced its international presence, especially in the United States, and has doubled the level of its Ebitda. This operation allows Furui to take back most of the titles. Echosens developed non-invasive medical devices suitable for the evaluation of chronic liver diseases using proprietary technology, Vibration Controlled Electohraphy Transient (VCTE). Its flagship product, FibroScan, is used to measure liver elasticity to quantify hepatic fibrosis. Echosens had sales of nearly € 70 million, more than 95% abroad, 50% in the United States, and close to € 30 million. Thanks to the new developments, Echosens aims to position itself now on the diagnosis of NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), a liver disease that associates an accumulation of fat in the liver, inflammation and degeneration of liver cells with the key d important markets around the world.