May 2nd, 2018 Natixis Partners has advised the founder and the shareholders in the sale of Optis to Ansys

Optis is a physics-based optical simulation software editor enabling scientific simulation of light and human vision, used notably to design realistic virtual prototypes. The company also developed a photo-realistic virtual reality and closed-loop simulation platform, which stimulate the environment of autonomous vehicles to navigating (including road conditions, weather and one-way streets).

Founded in 1989 by Jacques Delacour, Optis is based near Toulon and employs 250 people, including 150 R&D engineers. The company generates 95% of its sales abroad, mainly in Asia. Its customers include most players from the automotive industry, which represents 75% of its revenue, such as Audi, Ford, Toyota, Bentley and Ferrari, as well as blue chips clients such as Boeing, Airbus, GE, Swarovski or L’Oréal.

Advised by Natixis Partners, the founder and the minority shareholders have completed the sale of Optis to Ansys, the leading editor of numerical simulation software. Thanks to Optis technology, Ansys will offer a comprehensive solution of all sensors, including lidar, cameras and radar to simulate autonomous vehicles and test their safety.

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M&A team:

nicolas segretain
managing partner

manuel lasry
managing director

pierre ruaud

david feiner
vice president

margaux chevillard