December 20th, 2017 House of HR has raised a €600 million cov-lite TLB facility together with a €80 million Revolving Credit Facility in order to mainly finance the acquisition of Redmore and to refinance the group’s existing debt. Natixis Partners was Debt Advisor to House of HR

Over the 1996-2017 period, House of HR experienced a very strong growth of about 50% per annum equally shared between organic growth and successful acquisitions recently including Abylsen in France in 2015. House of HR is owned by Naxicap Partners (~70%) and Conny Vandendriessche (~25%).

House of HR today mainly operates in Belgium (42% of sales), Germany (29%) and The Netherlands (24%). With more than 2000 employees, the Group has deployed a network of more than 500 branches across its core countries in order to fully leverage on its dense clients portfolio of more than 20.000 clients mainly composed of SMEs. House of HR is organized around 3 segments: General staffing, Specialized staffing and Engineering/Consulting.

This financing has been subscribed by more than 40 investors comprising both banks and asset managers across Europe. The terms of this financing will give House of HR a real flexibility in the development of its activities. The new financing has been rated B1/B+ by Moody’s/S&P.

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M&A team:

nicolas segretain
managing partner

julien plantive
executive director

Debt Advisory Team:

philippe charbonnier
managing director