September 24th, 2015 Natixis Partners advised the shareholders of Balt Extrusion for its partnership with Bridgepoint

Established in 1977 by the Plowiecki family, Balt Extrusion is one of the leading and most innovative suppliers of neurovascular devices to all major French and international hospitals active in the field of  interventional Neuroradiology. Three major applications benefit from this medical discipline: brain arteriovenous malformations (AVM), ischemic strokes and brain aneurysms. These pathologies represent a major public health concern as strokes (ischemic or hemorrhagic) are the third cause of mortality and the first cause of disability in developed countries.


Balt Extrusion, renowned for its innovative capacities, integrates the complete development and production value chain on its site located in Montmorency, from the design to the manufacturing process. This provides the Group with unparalleled know-how and reactivity to address the needs of interventional neuroradiologists. Balt Extrusion masters all the various technologies required to manufacture its devices, including micro-mechanics, chemistry, plasturgy or electronics. This enables Balt Extrusion to remain completely independent and maintain its technological leadership.


As a family business experiencing continuous double-digit growth, Balt Extrusion employs 80 people and generates a business activity in excess of €100 million. The new partnership with Bridgepoint will allow Balt Extrusion to further extend its product range and strongly accelerate its international growth, especially in the US.

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M&A team:

françois rivalland
managing partner

benjamin giner
executive director

paul-henri morand

romain azoulai