December 12th, 2017 Natixis Partners advised Gérard Baylé (CEO and founder of Tridem Pharma) as well as LT Capital and Multicroissance on the sale of Tridem Pharma to the Chinese group Fosun

Fosun Pharma, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of the Chinese conglomerate Fosun, enters the capital of Tridem Pharma with a majority stake alongside CEO and founder Gérard Baylé whose total capital outflow is scheduled after a transition period of 3 years.

This transaction signed the exit of Jean-Louis Operti, co-founder of the group in 1986, as well as funds LT Capital (formerly Paluel-Marmont), and Multicroissance which held respectively 15% and 5% of the capital since the OBO completed in October 2011.

Tridem Pharma is the third largest pharmaceutical export wholesaler in French-speaking Black Africa and has the largest network of medical visitors in this territory with more than 600 visitors in 21 countries. This positioning enables Tridem to offer the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies (Abbott, GSK, Lilly, P & G, Astrazeneca, Wyeth, etc.) a global service offering integrating the management of regulatory affairs, medical promotion in the field, the centralization of physical product flows from France, as well as invoicing and tracking payments from over 250 wholesale distributors in Africa

Fosun Pharma is already present in Africa with leading brands, especially antimalarials; it mainly addresses the public sector and some NGOs. Thanks to the merger with Tridem, Fosun aims on the one hand to strengthen its geographical coverage in French-speaking Africa and on the other hand to gain access to a significant share of the private sector market. This merger will be at the origin of many commercial synergies with, on the one hand, the opening of the English-speaking African market for Tridem and, on the other, the widening of the range of pharmaceutical products distributed by Tridem, notably with new Asian pharmaceutical laboratories.

The strength of Fosun, will also accelerate the project “Proxy” initiated by Tridem with the construction of three local logistics platforms on the African territory, consistent with the latest recommendation of the WHO and become essential on the African continent (temperature controlled storage, air-conditioned transport, etc.). These platforms will strengthen the logistics platform in Toulouse, reduce customer lead times, cover African or Asian laboratories without passing products through Toulouse and allow access to new markets, including vaccines.

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